A quick guide to bleed and safe areas

A quick guide to bleed and safe areas

For the many of our products your artwork will need to include a bleed.

A bleed is an additional area of background colour or image that extends the artwork beyond the size of the finished item and enables edge-to-edge print.
If we only printed up to the trim line (without any bleed), a slight movement during the trimming process could result in white lines along the edges.

The industry standard bleed is 3mm for most printed paper and card products.

What this means is that each edge of the artwork should be oversized by 3mm. Adding 3mm to the top and 3mm to the bottom will increase the total height by 6mm, and the left and right bleeds will add 6mm to the width.
Your background image / colour should extend to fill the bleed area although remember this will be trimmed off.

In the same way in which bleed is used as a trimming buffer on one side of the trim line, we use a safe area on the inside of the trim line. This is usually 3mm on each edge and should not include any important information as it risks being clipped.

Be sure to check the product pages for bleed and safe area requirements as some items differ from the standard 3mm...and some require no bleed at all.